Brenner Gets More Money for Olentangy, Other Schools in Budget

State Rep. Andrew Brenner (R-Powell) is proud to announce that an initiative he has been working on since his previous term in office has been placed into the Ohio House’s budget proposal, Sub. House Bill 64. As a result, the Olentangy Local School District, schools in the 67th House district, and other schools throughout Ohio will receive more state dollars than current levels.

Currently, Olentangy receives just over $400 per year per student from the state of Ohio, leaving approximately $9,000 per student to be funded through residents’ property taxes. In some districts, such as Cleveland, the state spends thousands per student with little results.

Brenner has been fighting for more state money for schools that are merely receiving the minimum.

“It is time for schools that are performing well, such as Olentangy and many others, to be treated more fairly by the state of Ohio,” Rep. Brenner said. “It isn’t right that only the failing school districts receive thousands upon thousands of dollars — money that is taken from residents of my district and others, then reshuffled throughout the state to districts that are sometimes failing students,” Brenner continued. “There is a huge difference between receiving thousands of dollars and merely $400, and we should work to redistribute some of our own tax money back to our own local schools, rather than sending it all over the state.”

The adopted amendment ensures that, beginning in Fiscal Year 2016, each city, local and exempted village school district in Ohio receives half of the per-pupil funding as the statewide amount that is guaranteed for chartered nonpublic schools under the bill’s provisions. This means that for school districts such as Olentangy, the amount of money received per student by the state could double, possibly more.

“I was pleased to see this amendment adopted as part of the budget bill,” Rep. Brenner said. “This provision helps lead us in the right direction to make sure that all Ohio schools receive equal and fair treatment under the bill, as well as ensure that those schools like Olentangy receive the proper funding they need in order to provide quality resources in the classroom.”

2018 UPDATE:

Governor Kasich vetoed the fair funding language in the budget. Brenner is still working with his colleagues to keep the matter in the forefront, and to reintroduce legislation in 2019.