November Election 2016

The 2016 election season is well under way. I have recently obtained a lot of endorsements from many great organizations which represent millions of Ohioans. My endorsement page is being updated with the latest endorsements so check back soon. Most recently I obtained the Ohio Right to Life Endorsement. One endorsement I didn’t receive, nor expect, was from the Ohio Education Association (OEA). Interestingly they did not endorse in the 67th Ohio House race. So my Democratic opponent did not receive it either. They noted in their letter to me that I did not screen for the seat. That is correct as their date was in conflict with my schedule. Regardless of your political stance, I am willing to listen to the other side and I have done so, including listening to the concerns of the OEA.

I am helping to get-out-the-vote in Delaware County. If you are interested in helping on any of the campaigns including my own, please fill out your information on my contact page. I am helping to reelect Rob Portman to the US Senate and I am Co-Chairing the Trump election campaign for Delaware County. I am also helping Judge David Gormely run for the 5th District Court of Appeals. David is an outstanding common pleas judge and he would make a great appeals court judge.

If you want to follow my campaign on social media here are the links:


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Finally, I am fighting to reduce taxes, fix school funding, cut unnecessary government regulations, protecting our second amendment and the life of the unborn. God willing and with your help, I will continue to serve in the Ohio House of Representatives.